Find Your Authentic Self


“This is an easy-to-read book that can explain why you have intrusive thoughts, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, bad habits, fears, phobias or a distorted sense of your-self concerning how you look or feel, and why you may feel like animposter in your own life.  In my writing I give you the tools to alter old thinking patterns which would have been learned throughout your life so far.  I will teach you how to heal yourinner child and raise that child into joining with your adult logical thinking self.  Nothing in your life is set in stone and anyone can learn and through knowledge heal – if you have a desire to change then you can change.  We become our thoughts therefore changing our thoughts changes our perception of our selves and of our future self.  I believe my book will help you to discover your authentic self which is your true self without the baggage you picked up on the way through your upbringing and your later life hurts and disappointments.  This is an opportunity for you to discover who you are and why you may have made bad choices in life.  My chapters cover many topics including Toxic relationships to give an understanding of people that may have mis-treated you in life and how to spot Toxic people before you allow them into your life and an explanation as to why it’s difficult to leave such people and show you a way to recover from toxic relationships.  I will also arm you with helpful information allowing you  to assess future people in your life so you can choose healthy people to be around of you.  I will help you build a strong sense of yourself – this is a chance for you to take back the power of yourself so you never rely on anyone to validate you – you can validate yourself become autonomous owning a strong sense of self and with a strong sense of self no-one can dysregulate  you because you will learn how to regulate your emotions with the tools I will show you.  Ultimately, you can be your authentic self”.  Sandra Sheppard
Reading time: Approximately 2 hours.
Price: £2.99
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