Hypnosis for Fear of Future


Hypnosis for Fear of Future is beneficial if you are continually worrying about your future self or family.  This recording leads you into a comforting safe place within your mind where a new learning can be absorbed within your sub-conscious mind allowing you a deeper understanding about life and beliefs. Suggestions towards new beliefs are given to allow you to feel positive about any future experiences within your life or your loved one’s lives – whether it is as simple as going outside to flying or travelling in a car, going shopping or worrying about catching Covid-19 or dying.  The new beliefs concern understanding your own limitations as a human being and accepting these limitations to then concluding embracing a new positive belief system where the choice of thoughts for the future concern positive experiences for your perception of your own future.

Mp3 File: 12 minutes and 5 seconds duration. (29.5MB)


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